Sunday, June 9, 2013


Sariah and all her CCM friends. :)
My first week here in Nicaragua!!! It is nothing like I have ever seen or experienced before. The heat is crazy - I am never dry. But I try not to complain at all because I know it won't change anything. It is very poor and very dirty but the people are very nice. They will listen to you, the only problem is getting them to do it.

Wow is this mission thing hard. It is defenitely not for the faint of heart :) The president told us to try really hard not to get frustrated and to be patient. People make themselves sick over the stress I guess. One sister in my area told me to just roll with things and don't worry about things too much, to know that it will work out. This sister (Hna Hansen) has been my saving grace. She has answered a lot of questions and helped me a lot. I love my companion. We are able to communicate pretty well, actually! She speaks so slowly for me and will help me understand. She is a very loving person. Everyone she sees she acts like they are her best friend which is a good thing for me to learn!

The weirdest thing is probably not putting toilet paper in the toilet...but in a basket. But I am getting used to it. And then there are bugs everywhere. They are my little friends while I study and sleep :) The food isn't bad! I am really glad that I am ot a picky eater. We eat beans and rice daily. We have a cita who we pay to make us lunch. Others have citas to do dinner and their laundrey but we just have one! There are lots and lots of wild dogs (they make me a little nervous) and horse and buggies :) Right now it is the rainy season and it pours daily. you really have to carry around an unbrella or else you get soaked (you kind of get soaked anyways).

An interesting thing is that the Elders do not baptize their investigators (I think they can for the first or second one) but they want the members to do it so that they can have a strong connection with a member. A lot of members can't get their patrarchal blessing which I think so sad. And if they can, they can't get a copy. I can't imagine!
Another strange thing is that people will live is terribly poor circumstances and have nothing but have a smart phone or a really nice car or motorcycle. It boggles my mind! They will have a dirt floor but a smart phone.... porque?! It is crazy the circumstances people live in! I never would have thought. But people look really nice here. Not very many skinny peole because of all the carbs, but they look really nice :) Never thought I would see Aeropostale or Hollister here :) I really do love the people. You greet all the girls and women with a kiss on the cheek. I like that a lot. It is sweaty but very friendly!
Gotto go!!! Love you all!!! Until next week!

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