Monday, June 17, 2013

2 Months Down!

Hello!!!! Today I have been in the mission for 2 months!! I have almost been here in Nicaragua for a month!! It has flown by!! I still wonder at times if I can do 16 more months but it is getting a lot better.
When we walk to people's houses we don't knock or ring a door bell but yell BUENAS!! And people come to talk. One interesting thing I find is that everyone will listen to us, say they like it, say they will read, say they will be baptized but then at the very end say "But you see, I am catholic" Or just not come to church. So that is our goal this week as a zone, to get the people we teach to come to church!
We have about 5 families with dates for baptism but only about 3 people have a high possibility to be baptzed (because they came to chruch). One is a mom Rosita and her dauther Jenifer. They have listened to everything, come to church twice! WE can't get her husband to come yet because he has problems with his knee. But we have high hopes for next week!!! And the other is a man Daniel Alverez. He came to church yesterday and said that he really enjoyed it and felt really good. His wife is catholic but we still hope that she will come to church once and maybe it will change her mind!
The weirdest thing that happened this week was that we took away a book of mormon that we gave a man and his wife. We taught them twice but it was really just more like fighting on why we had the authority to baptize. My companion took it away because she said that he wouldn-t read it, and maybe not do good things with it, and somebody else could use it. I would never have thouht to do it, and was pretty confused but just went with itª
Divisiones went well. I was able to learn a lot from the leadersª They work hard and really do their job. It is fun to go to new areas and see new people. But we have divisions again next week and I have to stay. Probably to help me learn how to do things on my own. I am nervous because I really don-t know my way around yet and have so much to learn and feel like there is a lot that I need to do. But it will be a really good learning experience I am sureªªª
Yesterday we taught this family in such poor experiences. I can-t tell if thy know that they are poor, they didn-t seem too unhappy. But they really had nothing. It makes me feel bad for every complaining about anything in my lifeªªª
My goal this week is to really put myself into the workªª I do notice that when I forget myself that is when I am happiest and the time goes by. When I think about home I try to say, noª At home it would still be hardª Maybe I wouldn-t want to go to work, or would not be getting a long with Clair:) etc. But so I am working and praying about puting my heart into the work and loving the people. Feeling the Love the Lord has for me, and showing that love for the peopl we teach. Because Yesterday I realized that my mission is a blessing. Hard, yes, but most of all a blessing for me and for the people I teachªª
I have so many people around me for good examples and help me outª I know they are people sent from the Lord to help me out. Sometimes I feel like a baby for struggling, but am glad to have them to help me outªªª
Thank you for all tht you doªªª I love you allªªª Keep doing great things and reading your scriptures and praying! I pray for you all all the time!
p.p. sorry for the excamation pointª It isnt working so well :)

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