Monday, December 16, 2013

Reactivation Struggles

How you know you are a Nica: you start using a lot of hand signs for words, you start pointing at objects and direcions with your lips, and drink more soda and coke than water. 
How you know you are a sister missionary: you eat 2 or 3 dinners at least once a week. Now that one is a hard one :) I think a lot of people think we don't eat as missionaries. But the weird thing is that we walk an incredible amount but yet still manage to gain wait. I don't know how it is done!!! 

But this week was pretty normal: some good lessons, some bad, some bad contacts, some great. You know how the mission is, and life! But We had changes this past week. This change was different because it was only 1 month, and then this one is 8 weeks. Our District leader went home and our new one is from SLC. Hermana Anderson is training!!! woot!!! 

We had District Conference (because we are not a stake) which was really good!!! We had a good amount of people in church and heard some great messages from our District President and President and Hermana Russell. Then our investigator Luvy got interviewed and passed for her baptism this week!!! You should have seen the smile on her face when she came out of the room, radiating and so happy. She is super ready for her baptism. She has had about 4 interviews and failed them all for doubts and problems with smoking, etc. But this time, she is ready and has one of the strongest testimonies I have ever heard. Wanted to cry when she bore it to us this week. And her son is planning his baptism in 6 months for when he turns 8. We are SUPER excited. 

And you know how we had that super cool experience with our investigator last Sunday? Well during the week we passed by her and asked her how it went and how she felt. She said `to be sincere...I have felt so much peace. And I know that is my answer`!!!! Wow. Not very often does that happen. She has her answer that the church is true....she just lives 8 hours from Juigalpa. So we don't really know what we will do there. But it was cool to see her get her answer!!! 

We have really been focusing this week on how we can help strengthen the branch here. It is very cold, and not much love. Most leave right after Sacrament and don't talk to anybody, and lots of people with big callings are inactive. I don't know if you remember that we don't have a branch president and our first counselor is less active. SO many people have doubts and problems with Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. They tell us that we should talk less about those 2 things and more with the Bible, and people won't be so scared away from us. So we pass by and tell them to read, but they don't read, and they don't go to chruch. I don't know how they hope to get their answers!!! But it seems the more we try to help, the more problems we seem to find. I just hope that we can leave the branch a little stronger than it was. I do realize now how grateful I am for the great ward that I have at home and the members who are always looking out for each other!!

We did have a cool experience yesterday. One of the counselors in the Relief Society Presidency said she wanted to visit with us and the presidency (they are all inactive). We could only get the counselors. But we went and visited a less active (one of the counselors in the Primary). It was soo good to work with them. Hear them bear their testimonies and talk about how it is hard, but we just have to keep going. Asking her to come back, telling her it is never too late. 

Any ideas on how to strengthen at least the Relief Society? I now realize how important this organization is in the church! how to help people with their doubts about Joseph Smtih and Book of Mormon? 

I hope you are all having great weeks!!! Hope you are all excited about Christmas and loving thesnow!! Throw a snowball for me! I hopw you know how much I love you all!!!! Just stay happy and and choose the right!!!! 

Until next week!!! Woot!!!  

Love, Your nica sista Morey! And if you want to say it how I say it, say it Modey :) 

P.S.  Just some news, sisters now put their badges on the right side....don't know why...and I still am not used to it. But there you go!!!! 

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