Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hello from Nicaragua!!!!! While weather is strange there in the U.S. it is also being strange here. It shouldn't be raining.....but it still is!!! But it does cool things down a little bit. 

here in Nicaragua we are celebrating what is called the Purisima. Or the virgin Mary. I had no idea she was so popular and that people worshiped her. We had lots of questions like: did mary have other children, that Mary is the way and comes before Christ (wow). It is interesting to see how much the docrine of Christ really changed throughout the Great Apostasy. So grateful that we have the restored Gospel and know the truth!!!!

This week was a little rough, we felt a little disanimated and like our efforts weren't seeing any fruits, but the week ended incredibly. Usually the weeks go that we have greatlessons and great people, but Sunday people don't come to church, and we are tired. this week however was oposite. Sunday we passed by people (a lot weren't there). But at one house our investigator's mom was there. So we decided to talk to her and teach her. She had some really good questions and we were able to answer them. We invited her to church and she said she would come!!! We went to church a little disheartened because we only had 1 investigator there. But then a few minutes later, this woman and her sick neice showed up!!! and after every meeting she said she had no where to go and would stay! She stayed until 8 at night. What a miracle!!! Then we dropped off a recent convert at her house. She said people were coming by from her old church to tell her bad things about our church. When we went by one of our old investigators was there, and started talking badly. We stayed for a little bit to offer some support. Then she even started defending the church!!!!! What a GREAT way to end the week. Miracles really do happen. maybe not how we want them, but they come!!!! 

We are working hard and trying our best to love the people here. And trying to feel the Christmas spirit in the heat :) But we want to plan some Christmas messages to teach!!!! 

And to share something spiritual: this morning I was reading something incredible in the Book of Mormon. In 2 nephi 9 it talks and explains so well the Atonement and why we need it and what we in turn need to do. I especially loved verse.....I don't remember which but it talks about how those who do what is right will have eternal joy (how incredible that promise!!!!). Then in 27 is explains what happens to those who knew and did not do. So make sure to do what you know is right!!!!! Christ did his part, but can't do EVERYTHING!!!! 

I love you all tons and tons!!! Have a great week. Thank you for all your emails and love. Hoep that you are having a great Christmas!!! I love the Christmas Devotional. Especially the talk by Elder Nelson about finding joy in this world. There really is happiness!!!! 

Love, your Nica Hermana!! 

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