Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Letter!!

Hola!!!! I survived my first day here in the CCM!!! It has been the longest day of my life and I admit that it has been pretty hard. Getting no sleep and then having to go all day has been exhausting and overwhelming. But everyone is VERY nice and friendly. I don´t think it will take too long to be happier here. I was so tired during our 3 hour layover that I was sure that if <I tried to talk to anyone about the gospel (like a few others were) I would have accidenlty asked them to join the wrong church. It is scary and hard here but I do feel an underlying feeling of peace and rightness.
Some of the rules we have found out is that we can´t drink any of the water from the taps because we will get very sick and to not eat any food that people are selling if it has been prepared by them or cut. They took all of our cameras because there have been a lot of thefts lately. It is sad we won{t be able to take pictures, but I guess it is hard to take pictures in Nicaragua anyways because they don´t like it culturally. It is a lot different than I imagined!! I am glad I am not driving here because the roads are SO crazy!!. I feel like I am not really here still! The CMM is very small and usually holds 90 people but will hold 150 not badly.
The teachers are very nice and very understanding. Everyone knows that today is a hard day because we are so tired and overwhelmed. My companion is Hermana Nuttle and is 22. She is a nice girl who is majoring in theatre. I have already made a lot of friends, though!! The CMM president is great and very nice. I think one of my hardest things is the food. It is great food but they give you quite a lot and you have to eat it all. So three big meals a day and I am already set to grow out of my clothes!!!
There are a lot of things that we overlooked packing, but nothing is very big. Things like tums or hangers.
I sometimes do feel an overwhelming feeling that I have made a big mistake  but I know that that will change with sleep and when I know the spanish a little better. 
I love you all tons and will be praying for you all!! You are wonderful and incredible!!!
As Hailey always says, make good choices!! Remember the Lord loves you and to choose the right!!!
I am sure you will here from me soon! This is just to tell you I made it safely! I will get an hour on Preparation day to write a lot more!! Don´t worry about me, I will be fine!!
Love your Nicaraguan missionary, Hermana Morey

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